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Link Building After Google Penguin 2.0

For many years now, websites have been on a constant struggle to either rise up in search engine rankings or maintain their place at the top. This challenge has boosted the popularity and importance of search engine optimization or SEO. Among the most popular techniques used by SEO specialists is link building. The goal of link building is to get links to your website to improve your site’s popularity and penguin2However, the recent Google Penguin 2.0 update has changed how link building should be approached to get guaranteed SEO for your website. Google has long been unfavorable towards unnatural links or links that are used to manipulate a website’s ranking but the latest algorithm update encourages more careful link building efforts and to avoid link spam. Below is a link building guide that will help any SEO company in the Philippines to hurdle through the Penguin 2.0 update.

  • Review your existing links. This is particularly important if you have already been hit by the Google Penguin. Getting penalized by Google does not end all chances of your website ranking high in search results but you will have to review all your existing links and have all bad links removed. The links that you should ask to be removed are those from low value sites and irrelevant sites.
  • No more link schemes. If any bad linking schemes have been in effect for your website, it must be stopped immediately. Make sure not to engage in any link schemes such as buying paid links, putting hidden links, and sitewide links.
  • Go for relevant links. The Penguin 2.0 puts emphasis on relevance both for content and links. Hence, any future links to your website should be relevant for it to be of value to your site’s rankings. You can do this by establishing a relationship with relevant websites and making sure that any future links to your website does not include those from websites that are not relevant to your industry.
  • Put out quality content. The best way to get a link to your website from a high quality relevant website is to put up good quality content as well. Try to look for relevant websites that will let you guest blog and focus on providing value to the website’s readers. Not only is this a better way to get good links, you are assured that those who will see your links are more likely to click on through to your own website.

What You Need To Know About The Penguin 2.0

Google has been making frequent updates to their search algorithm since 2002. These updates are often given a name and the latest Google update has been coined the Penguin 2.0 which is the fourth Penguin update and released last May 2013. For those who do not know much about search engine optimization or SEO, reading about the numerous Google updates which include the Penguin 2.0 can be tedious and confusing. Letting your SEO Philippine company handle everything may be the option for many website owners but it would pay off to know understand what the Penguin 2.0 is all about.

google-penguin-update-2.0Do not just leave it up to a Cebu SEO company or somewhere else, you will find whatever it is you need to know about the Penguin 2.0 below.

  • The Penguin is an update on the search algorithm. A lot of times, Google makes updates but not on its search algorithm. But the changes brought about by the Penguin 2.0 are algorithmic. This means that it will affect how websites appear on search results.
  • The Penguin likes high quality targeted content. When it comes to posts and contents of your website, it is important to make sure that your content is well written and it targets a specific set of readers. The relevance of your content to the audience that you are targeting is very important.
  • The Penguin does not like site-wide links. You may not have paid attention to the links that appear on every page of your website. These links are called site-wide links. They can often be found on the header or footer of every page of your website. Remove all these site-wide links in order to limit the damage that they might have caused.
  • Sites related to payday loans and adult material get downranked. If you have any link on your website to payday loans or adult material, then remove those links asap. The Penguin 2.0 apparently reduces the link value of such websites.
  • The Penguin 2.0 likes variety. If you have been applying SEO concepts to your website, then you have probably had SEO campaigns to help improve your website’s rank. You probably have a set of keywords that you have used many, many times. It is time to create new keywords that are highly relevant to your website. Play around with the main keywords and simply add a few words to diversity and make it more varied.