SEO Project Timeline

Taking a website and optimizing it to bring it to the top spots of search engine results pages is not quick and easy. Search engine optimization is not something that happens overnight. No matter what kind of techniques or strategies you employ, there is no magic solution that will make the SEO process faster. Even the most efficient SEO project plan will take some time before it achieves its goals.seo project timelineSome website owners try to do their own SEO without getting any SEO training in the Philippines. Although there is nothing wrong with doing this, you will find out with some SEO consulting services that there is still an efficient way to handle SEO because there is still a reasonable timeline that you can expect. Below is a rough timeline of a typical SEO project.

  • Site analysis. The first thing that you should do when embarking on your SEO project is to analyze your website. This may seem like a quick process to some but there are a lot of details involved in analyzing a website. This first step involves not just looking at the website to find out what needs to be changed, it also involves coming up with a set of recommendations on how to address issues with the website and how to make the site more SEO friendly.
  • Identify your top five priorities. Once you have analyzed your website and come up with changes and recommendations that need to be done, you can get overwhelmed with the number of these issues that need to be addressed and actions that need to be done. The best thing to do is to identify your top five priorities. This way, your project will be more focused and easier to handle.
  • Implement changes. Once you have identified your top five priorities, it is time to work to put those changes and recommendations into actions. Depending on how many things need to be done to your website, this can take a lot of time.
  • Check for search engine crawling. Once you have implemented the changes on your website and performed some SEO tasks, it is time to wait for the search engines to crawl and rank your website based on these changes. One way you can make this faster is by submitting an updated XML sitemap to the search engine webmaster tools which will prompt a fresh crawl of your website.

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I'm a master teacher based on my profession but now I'm an SEO writer and online teacher. I like to write articles that are helpful to others especially in search engine optimization.

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