Tips For Managing Facebook Pages

Social media networks have drastically changed how people, businesses, and organizations interact online. Various social media websites allow different entities to connect and interact in a more confined online space. Among the most popular social media networks is Facebook. Nowadays, almost everyone has one or two Facebook account. For businesses, having a Facebook page has become even more essential than having a website.

There are many benefits to having a Facebook page for your business. However, to be able to maximize these benefits, you need to be well versed on how manage Facebook pages. If you have a Facebook page, you can choose to get the services of an SEO company that offers not just guaranteed SEO but also management of social media accounts. If you prefer to manage your own Facebook page, below are some tips to help you.

  • Update regularly. The only way to keep your audience or Facebook page ‘likers’ engaged is to make regular updates. Try to make around three to five posts every week. Your posts can range from a short greeting or shout-out to your fans, a link to relevant articles or websites, and a photo or video. Of course, feel free to post more frequently if there is an ongoing contest, promotion, or event related to your business. However, try not to go beyond five posts per day to avoid being lumped into the spam category.status
  • Time your posts. When you do post something, time it when a lot of your fans will immediately see it. This depends on the specific clientele that you are catering to. If your business targets professionals, then you might want to time your posts after office hours. Or if you are targeting stay at home mothers, you might get better results if you post very late at night or early morning.time
  • Acknowledge your fans. It is important to acknowledge your fans frequently. A simple thank every once in a while will have a great effect on how your page is perceived by your fans. Keep in mind that how you respond and project yourself through your Facebook page is part of customer service.thanks
  • Engage with your fans. Your Facebook page is the perfect opportunity to be able to connect with your clients and potential customers so make the most out of it by engaging your fans in discussions. Make posts that ask for opinion and opens up a discussion thread in the comments. You may also want to make use of the poll feature that Facebook has.engage

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